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5 Reasons one must do at least one road trip in a life time

Cheap and opened ended on planning, road trips are a must for a traveler. There are more reasons to do that, than just above.

1. The experience- on ground,

Take it for the experience of it. It does not require too much to be explained, when on road and commuting between places, you see the real place. The real people, the real food and the real culture and not a curated experience.

2. The uncertainty- the excitement of it

Take it for that feeling when you went on your first date, for your first job, your first hike, your firsts…Take it for the anticipation…

3. The possibility of more, of anything and everything

The open-ended plan means more. You like the clouds in the west and you drive there, you saw something on Google map, you stop and explore. You lose yourself and then you find yourself.

4. Chance discoveries

When it is not scheduled, all experiences are chance. Give chance to the possibilities because the best cannot be planned. It just happens.

5. Address all senses- See, smell, hear, taste, touch, happy, sad, angry, disappointed, surprised, the adrenaline rush.

After all it’s not the destination but the journey, that matters in the end.