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7 most common things Guests leave behind at a hotel

As a hotelier we see Guests leaving behind things while checking out! So here is a checklist, just to remember!!

  1. Old Clothes/ footwear: Guests, especially after shopping for new in the city, discard old ones to avoid extra baggage. However we have sometimes found clothes forgotten and hanging on the bathroom rails or hooks 
  2. Books: A whole lot of people read when they travel and keep buying books at various places. However once done, it’s a lot of weight to carry them back.. hence they leave … At Hotel Arya Niwas, we would get guests who would buy a book from the shop at the hotel and leave another one in the lobby. We used to get so many of such books that we opened an exchange library for the same resulting in a collection of books in all kinds of languages open to all guests!! 
  3. Jewelry/ IPad/Laptops/Passport/ Documents/ Cash: These are things Guests put in their locker and forget while checking out. Most people return to pick them, however end up losing their precious time for sightseeing etc. 
  4. Medicines: Generally kept on bed side tables, people usually forget to pick them back while checking out, especially if stored in the drawers. A lot of guests request them to be couriered them to their next destination 
  5. Chargers: They are the last thing that goes into the luggage for last minute charging of equipment.. Hence many forget when the time comes to take the bags out. Usually people request a courier, but it can be a huge inconvenience on their trip further
  6. Shavers/ Tooth brush/ Toiletries: These are common things left behind especially during early morning check outs.
  7. Glasses/ Shades/ Wallet/ Mobile Phone: these are not only left in the room, but chances are of leaving them in the Hotel lobby/ Hotel Reception/ Parking area. These are the ones difficult to locate, as usually the guests do not remember where exactly they left it… sometimes not even at the hotel…

What is it that you left behind in a hotel!!