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Our Corona Story- Part 3

"Hospitality Industry would be the last to recover"

" 40% Restaurants will shut down due to the Pandemic"

" Post Corona generation will prefer to work from home"

"travel is the last on peoples mind"

“Undoubtedly, the hardest hit industry is aviation, hospitality and tourism which are interdependent on each other”

“Hoteliers anticipate the following months might be tough for the hospitality industry with no definite”




In spite of news headlines as above, at Om Niwas Suite Hotel the team members were busy, giving their best to ensure the safety and security of the guests who started to appear post Unlockdown 1.

There were those who were wanting to finish their un-attended work. Some were waiting for the restrictions on travel to lift up, so they could resume their operations in the city. For a few we were overnight stopovers, for travelling to reach back as they were locked down away from their homes and loved ones. For some we became a refuge to travel to Jaipur to meet their separated families due to the lock down. Fewer still wanted a break from their own schedules and routine in their houses of larger metropolitan cities to seek solace in the quiet of a peaceful and relaxed city. 


For us it was a fresh challenge, to gear up for arrival of guests who we did not have a clearance from Corona status. This was unlike the other guests, we had who were staying with us for the past three months, during the lockdown, who had restricted themselves from going out at all..

To ensure the safety for all, we accepted a new motto of "Living with Corona- the new normal". We addressed this in three point system at Om Niwas.


1. The guest experience despite matching hospitality standards have to be contact less

2. Everybody and everything entering the premises to be screened, disinfected and monitored for infection

3. All contact points to be methodically disinfected.


While the lockdown continued for first few weeks, we had kept ourselves busy researching new technology or ideas for the same. The procedures, ways and products, were studied. These were recommended by various agencies starting from the World Health Organization to Department of tourism of Various Nations, to Federation of Hotels and Restaurants and even few Bloggers who were experts in the field. 

Gradually we emerged with a system for Om Niwas that ensured we leave nothing to chance.

This included sourcing and mandating the right protective gear for team members and establishing processes, right from entry procedures to online Check-In system to Contactless Payment Options.

Various disinfectants were researched to ensure, we have a smooth and effective sanitization process. Thankfully Om Niwas has an individual air conditioning system that deters any transmission of infection via ducting. All rooms have ample windows that can be opened to allow natural air change and exhausting is possible for air cleansing of the guests rooms and public spaces. All the above became our starting point in establishing housekeeping protocols.

Not only that all suites have access to direct sunlight at some point of the day or another, which is a natural disinfectant. Though guests are requested to stay indoors all the time, they still have an open area in the form of their own private balconies or the terrace lawn where social distancing is maintained. 

With wearing a smile behind the mandatory masks and regularly washed hands that are joined in a Namaste, Om Niwas team awaits the tide to change and welcome you with open heart and passion!!