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Future Home Kitchen isn't a Room but a Thing!

Let me walk you through my imagination of the Future Home Kitchen.

The Future Home Kitchen isn't a room or area where you prepare or cook food but it is a Thing that prepares or cooks food and serves you food personalized to your preferences, diet, and taste.

The current Home Kitchen has separate appliances for each purpose and process i.e., Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove, Oven, Toaster, Mixer, Storage Cabinets, etc. If we call this an Assembled Kitchen, then the Future Home Kitchen is an Integrated Kitchen. Think of this Future Home Kitchen as a "single machine" that has different Units with individual or multiple functionalities making it a multifunctional machine. This Thing (the single machine) has the following units:

Storage units:
- store different types of raw ingredients 
- store prepared or cooked food

Process units
- cool, freeze, heat, boil, steam, bake, toast, grill, roast
- mix, grind, filter, chop, etc.

Passage Units
- connect various units and facilitate the transfer of food.

Inlet and Outlet Units
- water inlet and waste outlet

Memory and Intelligence Units

Now the fascinating part, this Thing can be connected to the Internet to download Recipes from the Cloud, maintain Ingredients inventory by connecting with online grocery stores, communicate its status and health to the maintenance vendors and owner. 

Talking about Recipes, let me tell you that you can subscribe to multiple Recipe providers of your choice. The Thing is intelligent to process the recipe written in Natural Language. You can also subscribe to a specific diet plan and then the Thing serves you prescribed food of prescribed quantity at the prescribed time. 

You can order the Thing to prepare a dish of your choice from the available recipes or create your own recipe or even ask the Thing to try out a new recipe based on your earlier preferences and taste. The Thing also provides you the Nutritional information of the recipe.
If you plan to host a party at your place, just select the recipes, input the number of people, set the time and that's it. It's all taken care of by the Thing. 

As you know, the imagination knows no bounds. So, this Thing has its own cleaning mechanism! 

Now, if this Thing is simplified and made available in an affordable price range, guess the amount of time this Thing could save for most of the women and of course men, and free them up from the majority of the domestic work. Think of the new businesses which could stem from this concept. Chefs can create new Recipes and upload them to Cloud for the subscribed Things to download automatically. Similarly, Dieticians can create new healthy diet plans and make them available on Cloud for the connected Things to download. 

The future in this context isn't far future but the near future. What do you think?