Message by our Co-Founder & CEO, Sneha Raj during the Webinar "Let's Talk - To prevent the spread of COVID-19" along with the other eminent speakers on the panel.

There is no going back to Normal anytime soon. It will only be a 'New Normal'. It is the responsibil...
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Sreeal Co-Founder Sahitya Raj appointed as Deputy Vice President, WEE, CIMSME|ICTMAE, Telangana State

We, Team Sreeal is honored as our Co-founder, Sahitya Raj has been appointed as honorary Deputy Vice...
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Work Speaks Louder!

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Team Sreeal welcomes New Year 2020 with full of joy, hope and optimism. Embracing our blessings, we are looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities ahead.

Know the story behind the name SREEAL

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An Eco-friendly Initiative by Sreeal for Holi festival

#Holi #FestivalOfColors #NotFestivalOfWaterLets play holi and enjoy splashing of co...

Sreeal unveils its Virtual Business Lounge

Experience our virtual business lounge at #ArtificialIntellige...
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International Women's Day 2019

Team Sreeal defines what the day means to them and executes it.
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Sreeal celebrates the commencement of new year 2019 with high hopes and aspirations

Team Sreeal raises glasses to the Bright and Prosperous Future. Embracing blessings, celebrating wit...
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An Eco-friendly Initiative by Sreeal, #NoCrackersDiwali2018

Sreeal ran a social media campaign to support and spread awareness about passing a clean earth to th...
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Sreeal Co-Founder Sahitya Raj introducing Sreeal Technologies to Lakshmi Manchu at FICCI Power Breakfast with Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

FICCI has partnered with NITI Aayog, Government of Telangana and the Indian School of Business, Hyde...